Callanish Stones,  Lewis, Scotland

 Celtic knots designate Celtic Destinations


Eilean Castle, Scotland

Visit the land of history, beauty, and wonderful people.  You will truly find that Scotland will stay in your heart forever.
Why choose me as your Travel Agent and not the internet?  
Because I have been to Scotland eight times!
If I don't know the area you want to travel to, I know just the person in Scotland to help.

I have made many contacts over the years and trust them to take care of you abroad.  
When arranging your travel to Scotland, we will discuss the information you need to make the most of your visit.  We will weigh the benefits of an escorted tour, an independent tour, or an independent vacation. You can expect information about out-of-the-way places that truly immerse you in the feel and culture of the "real" Scotland.  

Rural Ireland



Many of us have Irish ancestry and what better time is there for exploring your heritage. Let me help you with planning a trip with family and friends! Consider a tour and an extension with a rental car.  I can handle all the details sourcing through reputable companies you can trust. Every year thousands who will go "home" to beautiful Ireland! Why not you?

London from the Thames


England's magic consists of old and new; from ancient pagan tribes all but washed away aside from the stone monuments left behind, to modern and maintained architecture all accessible by rail. Whether you plan to travel to Cornwall's seaside, the allure of ancient Clochester, or everything London has to offer, I can get you there with a minimum amount of stress in maximum comfort.  

Hawaiian Island of Kauai

The Hawaiian Islands usually don't come to mind when we consider Celtic Heritage, but I have had good experiences creating tours on multiple islands, and in several resorts that led to happy customers. If you want to see all the highlights, or get away from the crowds and have a quiet experience, I can ensure that your vacation fits within your idea of paradise. 

Wales is possibly the most Celtic country remaining. Unlike the majority of England, Scotland and Ireland which mostly speak English, the northern Welsh still speak with a Celtic dialect. Their culture, architecture, and the Welsh people are unique compared to other Celtic countries as well. For example 35% of Welsh people have a local surname compared to the 5% to 10% throughout the rest of the U.K. If you are hoping for a look into the past, Wales may be your destination.

Rome has fascinated the world since the time of its global authority; building the largest armies, creating the most stunning buildings, developing culture, industry, education, and decadence never before seen. They had plumbing, sewers, and healthcare before some of the world was even living indoors. That vibrant energy remains, along with many of the ruins from Rome's time of glory. I can get you to this bucket-list destination and even help you find the best restaurants.

Germany is one of the more visually and culturally dynamic locations on Earth. Towering castles in the Black Forest are a stark contrast to the playful, artistic city of Berlin, and again so changed from the reserved people of Munich. There are some unifying themes to Germany, however: great beer, world-famous mustard, and natural beauty. Consider a river cruise through the German countryside!

Additional Destinations

Roman Ruins
Welsh Castle Ruins
Castle Eltz, Black Forest, Germany