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Travel Agent vs Travel Consultant

Updated: Feb 2

Jenny Senter is the owner of Celtic Heritage Destinations, a full-service travel agency. I’d like to address an issue that always comes up when I introduce myself as a “Travel Consultant.” There seems to be confusion over the term “Travel Consultant”, so I thought I would try to clear this up today.

The reasons I prefer the title “Travel Consultant” instead of “Travel Agent” are that I feel that the term “Agent” implies that the service provided is similar to what a ticket agent, or online agent provides. Usually there is little time spent with the client, and they often only sell pre-packaged cruises, tours, train, or air.

The title “Travel Consultant” better describes the services I offer my clients.

I meet with my clients, either in person or on the phone, to get to know them and their travel needs. I then research their desires for travel, contact appropriate providers to work out their air, hotels, tours, rental cars, transfers and yes, sometimes train travel. I then contact my clients so we can discuss the options and then we work together to decide what is best for them.

This process allows me to guide them and help them design a trip that fully meets their needs. I am available for the planning, during their trip, and after they return, to help them on any issues that may arise. I’m there from start to finish to ensure their travel needs are met. As you can see, I do more than sell tickets!

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