Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Custom Travel for
Inquisitive Minds

We don't just plan travel.  We custom tailor immersive cultural experiences to give you a better understanding of the world.

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...exploring the highlands of Scotland, listening in on the rich history that has shaped the authentic culture of today

...sailing the Danube at Christmastime, entering the colorful markets, warming up with some spiced gluhwein, and selecting your favorite keepsakes to bring home

...traversing the beautiful geology of Giant's Causeway, feeling the wind hit your cheek, and being invigorated by the roaring wild waves


Hi, I'm Jenny and I craft custom and ethical travel experiences for inquisitive world citizens, so they can create lifelong memories on their quest to learn more about the world and its cultures. 

I'm here to help you uncover the world through deeply moving experiences that give you a better understanding of our history.

Which destination will I help you uncover next?

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Jenny at Urqhuart Castle with the group'
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The train.jpg
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Jenny Senter with Famly in Scotland