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Cameron Estate in the Highlands of Scotland


Visit the lands of polarizing history, natural beauty, and authentic people.  These are the lands that will truly stay in your heart forever, regardless if you visit by escorted tour, independent tour, or independent vacation.

Scotland:  There is so much more to Scotland than just bagpipes and Nessie.  Visit one of the thousands of picturesque lochs, learn about highlander history at the Culloden Battleground, or delve into one of the many outdoor activities.

Many of us have Irish ancestry and what better time is there for exploring your heritage.  Ireland is also one of the countries where driving yourself actually makes sense.  Arrive in historical Dublin and then make your way around to the beautiful crystal in Waterford, stand to new heights at the Cliff of Moher, and visit the pre-historic monument at Newgrange.

England: England's magic consists of old and new.  During your next visit, consider traveling to Cornwall's seaside, the allure of ancient Clochester, or everything bustling London has to offer.

Wales: As a former coal exporting capital, Wales is now known for it's extensive natural landscapes.  Wales also the most castles per square foot, so plenty of notable castle walls to explore.

Europe's Rivers

Budapest Parliament

European River Cruises are slowly gaining in popularity and for good reason!  Unpack once and see the riches of some of Europe's most well known and little known cities.  These luxury experiences do not disappoint in their wealth of history knowledge and culture.


Danube:  Sail between Hungary and Germany along the Danube river, with stops in Austria and the Czech Republic.  Culinary delights include Hungarian goulash and German brats.  If you are a lover of classical music, this river is for you.


Rhine:  Sail between the Netherlands and Switzerland along the picturesque Rhine, with stops in Germany and France.  Can you say tulips, chocolate, and cheese--oh my!   History buffs will appreciate the many stops with notable WWII sites


More Options: You can't miss with Europe's rivers--Douro, Seine, Mosel, amongst a few others.  And with so many themed options like Christmas Markets, Wine, or Tulip time, you'll never have the same experience twice.  

Golden Gate Bridge from a cruise ship

North America

When Europeans were immigrating to North America, the Celts were some of the many to make the long journey.  Their influence can be seen throughout.

Hawaii:  Did you know that only 6 of Hawaii's islands can be visited?  Each one has it's own treats to unlock.  You can explore the volcanic parks and lava tubes, snorkel the enchanting Molokini, take in the Polynesian culture, or learn more about our fallen soldiers in Pearl Harbor.


Canada:  Canada's beauty spans from the beautiful, timeless gardens to the majestic Niagara Falls.  Some of the best sweet wines are also made in Canada thanks to their cooler temperatures.


Continental United States: Our own backyard is filled with cultural immersion from the past centuries.   Honoring and learning about the first cultures here, our native cultures, is a must.  You can also visit the countless, breathtaking national parks to take in some of our natural lands.

Calton Hill in Edinburgh, Scotland
William Wallace Monument in Scotland
Strasbourg Canal
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