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2023 Was a Very Good Year!

I hope in these last days of 2023, you are basking in love and joy. If you are lucky enough to be one of my clients, I am hoping you are looking back on your travels this year with a new appreciation of your destination and absolutely glorious memories! I want to take this time to thank you for allowing me to help you in your travels. I know some of you are seasoned travelers, and could easily book 'online' but would rather work with someone who can help you with getting the most out of your destination with information and knowledge that will make your trip that much better. And, please know you are helping my small business thrive. In turn, I have been able to donate to my community and causes that are near and dear to my heart. Your support of my dream, means my business was able to donate to my community's dreams. Here's a few of the organizations I helped:

  • Willits Rotary Club

  • Rotary International and the fight to End Polio

  • Mendocino Botanical Gardens

  • Seabiscuit Therapeutic Riding Program

  • Willits Sober Grad Program

  • And many local school programs

Not only donations, but education. As you can imagine traveling is my favorite education, but don't get me wrong, while a lot of fun, it's work! This year, my education consisted of two solo trips:

  1. England and Scotland to research an idea of small group geology tours because, first came geology and then came history!

  2. Small ship ocean sailing. You know I love river cruising and I have wanted to find the right company to work with for small ship ocean cruising. I did that this December with a trip from Rome to Barcelona. I LOVED this company for it's ethics, environmental stance, and comfortable, not stuffy, luxury.

And there's my clients, my great clients, who went to:

  • Ecuador & the Galapagos

  • A group tour in Italy

  • A custom tour to Scotland

  • A custom tour to Spain

  • A sailing of the Lower Mississippi

  • A river cruise on the Rhine, Mosel, and Mainz

  • A group tour of Eastern Europe

  • A custom tour to Eastern Canada

  • And, last but never least, domestic air and hotels for travelers to Florida, Nantucket, and Minneapolis.

Here's to a wonderful 2024, new destinations, new relationships with wonderful clients and providers, and to dreams coming true!

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