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A Whole Lotta Travel

And we thought 2022 was busy! Wow, this has been another crazy, busy year for not just me but most of the travel advisors I know. I've been sending people all over the map, including the Galapagos, Ecuador, a river cruise on the Mississippi River, Scotland, Canada, Italy, Washington D.C., Florida, Vermont, a river cruise on the Rhine, Main, and Moselle, an Eastern Europe tour, and finalizing plans for our small group cruise from Nuremberg to Budapest, but for some of us, all the way to Transylvania! What Have I Learned in 2023? Airfare is still difficult. The schedules are much better, but the prices are high. Especially for this summer. I've read that 75% of the available air is sold for the summer. Don't plan on those last-minute deals if you want to travel. I've had to calm many of a client down who has been shocked by the quotes for air, and especially if they haven't had to purchase airfare since 2019.

Tours. Availability on tours is limited. I had a hard time booking two people on a tour they wanted for August. Don't wait until two months before your travel date to book that special tour!

Hotels availability is problematic, especially in the popular tourist locations.

My advice? Don't wait, plan now for the summer 2024.

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