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Just some thoughts...

I've been hearing some interesting comments from people in my town about what they perceive I do as a travel advisor. I think it's time to do some clarification of what my business is, and how I can help you.

First off,

  • I am a Certified Travel Advisor (CTA). That means in addition to my Associates Degree in Travel Marketing from Los Medanos College, I have also studied, and met all the criteria to be a certified travel advisor with The Travel Institute. It's a professionally recognized certification by those in the industry, including cruise lines, tour companies, travel insurance companies, airlines, and so much more.

  • I'm not a travel writer or influencer. I just share on social media because it's exciting to travel with my clients, or without, and I hope that you like my travels and will think of me for assistance with planning your trip.

  • No, I don't get my travel comped. That may be what was done in the old days, but not now. I take my business as seriously as you take yours. It's not a hobby. I pay for insurance, fees, and yes, I pay for my travel to investigate destinations so I'm well-informed.

  • Do you pay my commission? Yes, every time you book travel on a cruise ship, at a resort, on a tour, or even a hotel, your fare has commission included, WHETHER YOU USE a travel advisor or not.

  • I know some of you like to do your own planning, but think about this, how much easier it would be if we planned together!

If you are interested in finding out more about my services, contact me here, through my website at

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