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Why book with a travel agent?

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

What is the advantage to booking with a travel agent? Celtic Heritage Destinations, based in Northern California, is a full-service travel agency and will take care of all the details of planning your travel for each of you.

What you probably did not know, is that most main stream travel, except for air, has a travel agent’s commission built right into it. When you use an agent – the agent gets paid - if you book a trip online or circumvent the agent - that commission goes back to the giant corporation. Thus, it does not cost you a thing to have a professional coordinate and advocate for you, plus you are supporting a local small business.

You benefit from our double E, expertise and experience, our access to the industry, our ability to fix problems and advocate on your behalf. Since you’re paying anyway, why wouldn’t you book with an agent and get the service you’ve already paid for?

I will work with you before, during and after you travel. You never have to go it alone!

People Make Glasgow is one of my favorite booths to visit when attending the Visit Scotland Expo! During the annual Expo, I make great contacts with providers to learn about destinations in Scotland and to develop relationships with businesses in order to ensure your trip is stress free!

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Hogward jacky Jacky
Hogward jacky Jacky
28 Şub 2020

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